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I hate consultants listing dozens of capabilities so let me just summarize briefly:  I like to sit down with clients and talk about what keeps them awake at night.  These are the big issues, and often we can make progress by taking a new approach, or by adding value to an existing strategy.

I have worked with major corporations, local companies, agencies and government departments for many years (see my Biodata in the 'Who I Am' section) and many of my clients have come to expect the latest thinking from me.  To deserve this position I can't ever sit still.  Right now, I believe neuromarketing is the most exciting development, especially when you apply neuromarketing insights and concepts with well established marketing strategies and methodologies.  This is exactly what I am doing in my book Neurobranding, informed by the progress made by neuroscience as well as my own strategic consulting practice, and my neuromarketing expertise flows into my consulting work.

Workshops and presentations are a great opportunity to work with the audience, bringing fresh thinking and insights to the table and exploring how it can be most effectively put to use.  I have always loved presenting (which is probably why I started my career as an academic) and I still do. 

I have conducted workshops and presented at conferences (often as a keynote speaker) in a number of countries, allowing me to meet executives from different cultures and with diverse experience.  It is always a great opportunity to learn and develop one's thinking.

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