Dear blog subscribers
As a reader of my blog posts, you will be aware of my passion for innovative, relevant and effective strategic thinking, and of my passion for neuromarketing in navigating the challenges facing marketers and communications practitioners in today’s world.

That passion for neuromarketing has blossomed into a major commitment.
This month sees the launch by Wiley & Sons of Neuromarketing for Dummies, which I co-authored with Dr Steve Genco and Andrew Pohlmann (don’t be fooled by the title – hidden behind the unfortunate title of this highly successful series are books that provide you with in-depth insights, case examples and guidelines.)
I have also launched a new business – Neurothinking – as an umbrella for my various activities in the neuromarketing arema.
Why “neurothinking”?
Quite simply, the focus will be 100% on the application of neuroscience insights and concepts that allow marketers and their agencies to lift the effectiveness of their strategies. The ‘thinking’ bit is important: my focus is not on lab tests and brain scan results, but rather on how to apply neuroscience when developing marketing, brand, communications, shopper marketing, design and innovation strategies. This is where the rubber hits the road – where we can find exciting new approaches and tactics that will lift the effectiveness of what we do.
How can we do this?
I will explore this in my neurothinking blog over the coming weeks and months.
But today I simply want to get you up to date. I have taken the liberty of adding your name to the mailing list, given that essentially the website has changed name, but the blog will have the same focus. Soon you will receive my first blog post from – but in the meantime, I hope you will take time to visit to investigate what’s coming up – especially those of you who may be interested in learning more about applied neuromarketing at a Masterclass in Australia or New Zealand in September.