Global Marketing Book of the Year

The European Marketing Magazine Expert Marketer invited a panel of experts to shortlist the best marketing books published in 2012. I am pleased to say that my book Neurobranding has made the shortlist!

Says Ward Vandorpe, the Chief Executive of Expert Marketers Magazine: “The Global Marketing Book of the Year is an initiative of Expert Marketers Magazine, aiming at guiding the choices marketers make, given that they have notoriously little time to waste reading second rate books. Every year, an expert panel appointed by the Expert Marketers Magazine selects the 20 most influential books from the world wide offer’.

The interesting thing is that the Expert Marketer Magazine is not a trade journal that reports on who has moved where, launched what or won which advertising award. Rather, it is journal dedicated to advising marketers on which books to read.

Obviously, I have a self-interest in telling you about this – because in the next selection round the public vote decides which books will end up as the five finalists from which the expert panel will select the ultimate winner. Yes, please do go and vote for Neurobranding on

However, I do believe the Expert Marketers Magazine has a broader role to play beyond the yearly book award. Hundreds of marketing books hit the shelves every year and few marketers have the time to seriously screen the vast offer to select the ones worth reading. The Expert Marketers Magazine uses a panel of experts who read widely, sharing the workload, and then selects the best books to be covered by the Magazine. They complement the selected books with interviews and comments, provide you with sample chapters and generally make an effort to guide your decision.

I think they make a useful contribution and, hopefully, get marketers to read more extensively by ensuring they get value from the books they pick.