Consumers are reinventing their world.  On one hand they are adjusting their expectations and purchasing behavior in light of the new economic circumstances.  They are also reinventing the way they socialize, communicate, gather information, make purchases and entertain themselves and others.  These changes are facilitated by technology but driven by consumers.

It follows that we need a much deeper understanding of how the consumer thinks and makes decisions.   We can see their behavior change – but why is it changing?  Why are certain choices made?  Why are some brands successful while others fail?  What is driving their purchases?  Why are they receptive to some communications and not to others?  Most importantly, armed with this understanding, how can we improve the effectiveness of marketing communications efforts?

Progress in neuroscience has delivered insights into how the mind works.  We now know what is driving the consumer's purchases.  We understand habitual buying and categorization. We know why brand communication has to be 'on code' to deliver the desired impact.  These and more topics are covered in this book.

Importantly, this book provides a readable overview of neurobranding.  It is written for the marketing practitioner and avoids medical terminology.  I believe this is the most advanced book on neurobranding available today.

Nick Waters

CEO, Asia Pacific, Aegis Media

Singapore, July 2012

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